For the past two years, we are experiencing an ongoing crisis to supply hardware components. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent lockdowns, due to the lack of raw materials, like silicon, and due to increased demand, many companies are facing difficulties in the supply chain of hardware components. According to a report by Uptime Institute, disruption in the global supply chain of electronic components is forecast to continue for the next two years and it will include chips and electronic components. 

However, to design high-performance software, it is fundamental to use the best hardware to support and guarantee the optimal consumer experience. Companies need therefore to find the right solution in this particular historic time and a customized hardware design can be the one.

Custom hardware design for the optimal production

Thanks to custom hardware design it is possible to modify the components according to the best available processors on the market. Mas Elettronica offers solutions to meet the client’s needs and optimize performances, costs, and deadlines

The custom hardware design requires different phases to reach the optimal solution: 

  1. Define the system architecture. Thanks to our deep knowledge of manufacturing technologies and our partners’ experience, we study the best solution to meet our clients’ needs and satisfy all the requirements on performance, cost, and consumption. 
  2. Design the electric schematics. During this phase, we use the best CAD on the market, we choose components according to the MTBF criteria, availability and cost, we follow the fundamental criteria of planning like Advanced power management and Signal Integrity by design.
  3. PCB Development. This phase is realized together with our partners and takes care of all the aspects of PCB development: mechanical analysis in 3D, thermal analysis of the system, analysis of the impedance and integrity and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) for mass production. 

In our labs, we design customized hardware to concretely translate our clients’ projects and ideas and accelerate their products’ development. 

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