Artificial IntelligenceSuccessful case MAS Elettronica

Artificial IntelligenceSuccessful case MAS Elettronica


 “The artificial intelligence is announcing an unbelievable potential growth concerning both the economy and the people.”

Some researches (regarding the impact of the AI in 12 main economic sectors) reveal that the AI could double the annual rates of the economic growth up to the year 2035, modifying the nature of the work and creating a new relationship between man and machine. It is estimated that the impact of the AI technologies on the field of the work will lead to an increase of the work productivity up to 40% and it will permit people use the time, at their disposal, in a more efficient way.


Oceanographic sector, hydrography, study of the environment and of the water-based flora and fauna.

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Italian company, active in the field of all sensors concerning digital videos and video cameras with high performing features, furnishes every sort of solutions in the sector of artificial intelligence for autonomous marine applications.

THE CLIENT NEED: having a very compact system at low power consumption able to elaborate images locally in marine environments (5.000 meters of depth) either outdoor or under extreme temperatures and conditions.

AI sensori oceano idrografia
AI sensori oceano idrografia


We have been studying a solution with batteries for our customers to support our aquatic system, combining one of our standard products SBC FRIDA IMX8M mini with a sensor sheet projected and produced for a customer who has got this kind of need reducing the time to market, the investments in the phase of projecting in order to reach just one customized solution which satisfies the client at the 100% of his necessities.


The final product is really unique on the client market

  • Life of battery: 48 hours in total operation
  • Acquisition of the sensor 30FPS
  • Processor Quad core A53 a 1,6 Ghz
  • 2 Gbyte of RAM at 800 Mhz

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