Arrow Electronics World 2023

Mas Elettronica demos at Arrow Electronics World 2023

After the huge success of the past edition, Arrow Electronics World is back at Palaverdi in Parma on Wednesday 31st May. It is an important convention that gathers top players and partners of Arrow Electronics and of the electronic production chain. T

Mas Elettronica will be at the event with two important products, LIFCL Evaluation Board and Light Front Nvidia Crosslink. 

An ‘electronic’ full immersion 

At the event in Parma, Arrow Electronics will host speeches, interviews, demos, and more than 80 partner and producer booths. The convention will offer a complete and detailed overview of the news and updates in the electronic sector. 

The core part will be an interactive area that will host demos focused on the most innovative sectors: Electrification, Smart Everything, Smart Connectivity, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Healthcare, Motion Control, and Aerospace. 

At Arrow Electronics World the speeches will address the new market frontiers, its evolutions, and the new trends, like Electrification. Sustainability will be an important topic to face future challenges and build a better world. 

There will also be an interesting soccer demonstration, the “Arrow Artificial Intelligence Challenge – the fastest goalkeeper in the World”: a simulation where the goalkeeper is an AI robot that can recognize the ball’s trajectory. 

Mas Elettronica at Arrow Electronics World 

Mas Elettronica, an Arrow Electronics partner, will be present at the event at Palaverdi in Parma. We will show two demos: 

  • LIFCL evaluation board LVDS video link: an evaluation board designed thanks to the partnership with Arrow Electronics and Lattice Semiconductors. LIFCL has been designed to evaluate the Crosslink NX and for video acquisition applications. 
  • Lighfront NVIDIA Crosslink with Sony Sensors 4K and AI people recognition. The SBC offers high performances to perform complex tasks, like the modern AI systems. Lightfront NVIDIA Crosslink makes it possible to create the most challenging projects, embedded systems, and IoT applications. 

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FPGA Week MAS Elettronica

MAS Elettronica, partner at Arrow’s FPGA Week

Mas Elettronica will be at FPGA Week 2023 organized by Arrow Electronics. This important event will take place in Verona between the 15th and 18th of May and will gather partners and suppliers of Arrow Electronics, a global leader in technology innovation of electronic components and tech products. 

The event is aimed at designers and suppliers to have an overview of the latest updates of FPGA. At the FPGA Week, there will be events and training sessions where participants can use the FPGA evaluation boards. During the event, strategies and techniques will be shown to detect and solve bugs during the design process of a new project. 

Our product at FPGA Week

Arrow Electronics has selected our MAS LIFCL Evaluation Board for the workshop aimed at FPGA seniors and juniors where participants will practically exercise on the evaluation board. 

MAS LIFCL Evaluation Board is an evaluation board designed with Arrow Electronics and Lattice Semiconductors. The LIFCL board can evaluate the Crosslink NX and is designed for video acquisition. 


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European Chips Act

European Chips Act to face the semiconductors shortage

The recent global crisis on the semiconductors shortage has forced businesses to find new solutions, but in other cases, it meant the closures of many companies. An unexpected situation for this sector has shown how it is an unbalanced match with few players on a unique global field. 

For this reason, the European Union has focused on semiconductors to find a solution to make the European States more competitive in the global chips market. Thanks to the European Chips Act, adopted by the European Commission in February 2022, the EU will invest more than €43 billion from private and public funds to prevent and respond to supply chain disruption. 

In 2020 a trillion microchips were produced globally and the EU represents 10% of this market. Thanks to digital transformation, semiconductors have become precious elements because they are used in several sectors: automotive, the Internet of Things, connectivity, cloud services, pharma, defense, and public administration. 

Key areas for the European Chips Act 

The European Chips Act will integrate other EU initiatives and its main objective is to support the development on a large scale of new technologies and reinforce the semiconductors ecosystem

The main objectives of the European Chips Acts are: 

  • reinforce the European leadership in the research for faster and smaller chips; 
  • promote innovative solutions for designing, producing, and packaging for the prototyping of new-generation chip; 
  • establish a certification procedure for chips that are more efficient and reliable to guarantee high quality and security in the most critical situations; 
  • promote a new regulatory framework to increase the production capacity to reach 20% of the global market by 2030; 
  • develop a complete overview of the supply chain; 
  • attract new talents and promote a specialized education. 

Thanks to these initiatives, the European Union will reinforce its leadership in the mid and long-term in the areas of research, prototyping, and designing. 

MAS Elettronica commitment to face the semiconductors crisis

Thanks to its vast experience in electronics, MAS Elettronica can offer efficient solutions to overcome this critical and historical situation. 

Our embedded solutions are designed to fit the client’s needs. Thanks to the Hardware Cross Reference, we can modify our products according to the availability of raw materials. Our long-term vision allows us to plan productions in all the different phases: from the testing phase to labeling and delivering. 

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Embedded World 2023

Embedded World 2023, focus on sustainability and responsibility

From 14 to 16 March, the Embedded World 2023 will take place in Nuremberg and will gather top players from the embedded community. Always “behind the scenes”, embedded systems influence everyday lives in industrial, private, and public sectors. From an industrial robots to a smartphone and the most common washing machine: integrated microprocessors can manage hundreds of objects. 

Embedded World 2023 will focus on fundamental topics like systems’ sustainability and responsibility. It is necessary that companies are aligned on these core areas because embedded technologies have an important role in critical applications like medical and financial ones. Due to the spread of embedded systems, talking about green best practices has become more relevant while designing and building an embedded system. 

Sustainability in embedded systems

When talking about sustainability, ecology is the most related topic that accompanies it. Green engineering is strictly related to resources’ energy efficiency, an aspect that embedded technologies have always focused on. With the Internet of Things, it has become more relevant because many systems and devices work wireless and need a low-energy consumption to work long hours. 

Hardware components have a crucial role in the sustainability of embedded systems, confirmed Professor Axel Sikora, Chairman of the Embedded World Conference. This means a longer and more stable life cycle of components, a ‘clean’ production, the possibility to repair devices, and the final dismantling. To summarize: a circular economy that is able to reduce the impact on the environment, especially with dangerous and non-biodegradable components. Better efficiency includes updated software with better performance. 

Responsibility and security with embedded systems

Embedded systems are used in several sectors like medical, financial, and industrial productions. Accountability and security have to be guaranteed in sectors where the shared information is often sensitive data like health info, bank codes, or industrial data. It is therefore fundamental to focus on systems’ security, raising awareness among all the stakeholders on the importance and responsibility of every subject involved in producing embedded systems. 

MAS Elettronica at Embedded World 2023 

MAS Elettronica will be present in three stands at Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg: 

  • With the French company Steliau, we will present SBC Mina, a Single Board Computer that thanks to the TPM security module can guarantee complete integrity of embedded systems, especially in critical contexts like medical and industrial;
  • With Lattice Semiconductors and Arrow, we will bring MAS LIFCL Evaluation Board
  • We will bring also NVidia SBC Lightfront AI, a SBC board that thanks to high performance can carry heavy workloads like AI applications. 

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