Environment and sustainabilitySuccessful cases MAS Elettronica

Environment and sustainabilitySuccessful cases MAS Elettronica


Italy, together with Europe, has started a developing path which links a digital transition to a ‘eco-friendly’ one that is the environmental sustainability.

Because of the ecological transition the PNRR makes available some financial important resources in favor of these strategic investments for the European plan of the ESG sustainability.

According to GreenItaly, 440.000 Italian companies have invested money in eco-friendly technologies in 2021.


Sector of industrial monitoring

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Italian company of medium size which works for the various markets of water, air and gas monitoring.

CLIENT NEED: looking for an Italian partner company which works as a professional giving the right support in the process of the development of long and medium term datalogger for the environmental monitoring and the programming supply of the production of their systems.

ambiente e sostenibilità
monitoraggio ambientale ams elettronica


The solution suggested by MAS ELETTRONICA has been the customization of our  Smart Gateway controller with our  CPU AURA IMX6ULLfor time to market and reduction of the starting investments and for its reliability too.


  • System based on IMX6ULL at 800 Mhz,
  • Low consumptions under 20 mA in standby
  • 2 ethernet nets 10/100 Mbit/s
  • Linux Yocto Zeus system
  • 4G system with a included Gps
  • Included WiFi
  • Personalized case

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