Custom Carrier solutions are a good way for a time-to-market and competitive business: a unique approach to address the needs of every company and enter the market at the right time with the right price. This is the great challenge every innovative business should take to be ready to achieve success. 

Starting from a standard system that supplies the base processor, it is then possible to adapt it following the technical and technological requirements of the specific project. The custom solution has personalized features on the carrier board without slowing down design and production processes. A modular design allows one to customize a board with the required I/O, reducing time and costs compared to a full-custom project. 

Among the advantages of a modular Custom Carries solution, we can list the flexibility. If a project’s requirements change (for example more complex tasks or performances), it won’t be necessary to change the entire system but only a single module. A custom solution allows the optimization of energy consumption and consequently the economic and environmental impact of a product or process. 

A full-custom design has the advantage of being customizable but it is more expensive, it requires more time to be developed and specific maintenance. Custom Carrier solutions can offer cost-saving and rapid personalization, allowing also smaller production. 

MAS Elettronica custom solutions

Thanks to its extensive experience, MAS Elettronica offers several embedded solutions and custom carrier solutions. MAS can provide Single Board Computers that are compact, low-power, and completely modular, like SBC Frida i.MX 8 M, based on core Arm A53 multicore NXP. Frida SBC has an integrated low-power microcontroller, ideal for low-power applications, and the security TPM module to protect the integrity and authenticity of the embedded system.

MAS Elettronica follows all the steps of a project: from the brief to the design, from the prototyping to the production and maintenance. Our clients’ projects are our projects, too. We work together to find the best, winning, and time-to-market solution. 

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