In the collective imagination, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies refer mainly to Smart Homes, vocal assistants that turn on and off lights, smart household appliances, and all those apps that make users’ lives more interconnected. But IoT and AI are also the core of Industry 4.0, where technology does not substitute only manual labor but manage and optimize processes to improve performances and monitor businesses. 

AI and IoT technologies can improve a business, changing the way we have always perceived a workplace. IoT has allowed digital transformation: thanks to it, devices can collect huge amounts of data in real time and use Big Data to bring benefits to the business. 

AI and IoT benefits are numerous: in this article, we will show some of the advantages of having a more interconnected and digital business. 

  • Better Efficiency 

Optimizing processes, costs, and raw materials storage is one of the biggest benefits of implementing Artificial Intelligence into a business. Thanks to IoT and AI it is possible to automate processes in all the different phases of a product work chain: from construction to the final delivery. Thanks to the collected data, machinery can monitor all the steps and operations, identify departments where the request is higher and propose efficient solutions to optimize production. When using AI technologies, it is possible to avoid shortage or overstocking of raw materials and have more organized and efficient warehouses.   

  • Cost Reduction 

The Internet of Things technologies can bring important benefits in reducing costs, as well. It is necessary to overcome the initial skepticism driven by the requested investment for the digital transition of the business. The return on investment will be tangible because with IoT it is possible to reduce workforce or employ it in more efficient tasks for the business. It is also possible to perform predictive maintenance to reduce machinery stops and consequently production. Using sensors on machinery, it is possible to analyze data on usage, and for example calculate components’ wear and stock quantities, or receive alerts on malfunctions to promptly intervene.  

  • Improve the Customer Experience

It is difficult to imagine today a delivery without a tracking code, a house without at least one device or appliance connected to a mobile phone. New technologies have simplified our lives, improving our experience as consumers of several businesses. Thanks to machine learning, companies can deeply know customers’ habits and preferences, while IoT apps can monitor in real time a product or service usage. Therefore it is possible to create customized products that can address different needs. IoT apps can alert companies of a service malfunction that can affect customers and, if possible, try to solve it in a short time, likewise predictive maintenance. 

Mas Elettronica, for a more interconnected company

Mas Elettronica has always worked to help businesses into the digital transition, offering products and strategic advice for the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence applicationsAmong our products, we would like to highlight SBC Frida – IMX8M, a single board computer based on core Arm A53 multicore NXP i.MX 8M. SBC Frida has an integrated microcontroller for Low Power app and TPM security module to protect the integrity and authenticity of your embedded system.

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