Simplicity and portability are the core of our software work whose products are provided with. 
SW development is customized according to our client’s needs whether for high performances or for contained consumptions.
We distinguish ourselves in a process of flexible development, in our experience in this sector and in a huge net of partners. All of these factors let us integrate the realization of a software system together with that made in parallel by the customer. All is made with the exploitation of the tools of a shared development that we put at disposal and moreover we furnish complete and turnkey solutions, particularly in the field of the IoT and of the “cloud based” applications.

The collaboration with the client does not end up with the conclusion of the developments, but it proceeds with the support for the tests in progress and the evaluation of the results in order to give advice for modifications and adjustments; in the end when the project has reached the necessary completeness and maturity, the client is provided with tutoring and knowledge transfer that let them manage independently the life cycle of their product.

MAS board support package

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a software which implements and supports an operative system on a specific hardware platform. MAS has acquired a huge experience in the development of BSP Linux. Our experience includes:

  • Bootloader: the bootloader is performed before the operative system stars its functioning. Il boot loader tis totally linked to the hardware system. Every system has got its own personified bootloader.
  • Kernal Porting: the Kernal Porting on a new ARM board is not an ordinary activity. We adapt the kernel taken into reference from the service provider of the silicon to the specific hardware, creating and modifying the drivers and the main settings.
  • Driver: an embedded system: it is really more available than a common kernel and bootloader. MAS has got a huge experience in the porting of driver for a variety of core and IP peripheral devices.
  • Optimisation: MAS deep knowledge on the embedded planning based on ARM lets us optimize the system on domains which are especially hw.
  • Integration: all the components of the system must be integrated (kernel, driver, libraries and services) and tested to give a stable solution. MAS furnishes a set of basic tests which are appropriate to the goal. In this way the final user is driven to use the system correctly.

The result of all these steps is defined BSP and it includes all the necessary software components making the customer ready to the development of the application.

servizi software mas elettronica
servizi software mas elettronica

MAS GUI (Graphic User Interface)

An interface must be simple to be used, without any problems, even if it will be employed by untrained staff. The portability guarantees the serenity of the know-how to the customer who could swap platform without falling into huge costs which could arise if being obliged to plan again the project.

MAS furnishes interfaces at instant fruition for the products equipped with direct user interaction, even web interfaces to allow the fruition from whatever devices equipped with a Web browser. Moreover, if the graphics is not a significant criterion, MAS furnishes applications with a minimum user interface to let a low impact planning operability, always guaranteeing the possibility (to a trained user) to realize common operations when needed.


To accelerate the development of the products of our customers we offer a service of Hardware design which goes from the integration of our SOM to the FULL Custom.



MAS Elettronica has entrusted the production of its own boards to Italian partners who are leaders on this business market. MAS technicians and its partners handle all the productive process (the starting-up of the productive process, its tests – ICT and functions, the labeling, the quality control till the packaging of the systems), taking care of even the smallest details.


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