Simplicity and portability are the core of our software work whose products are provided. The SW processi s customized focusing our attention on the needs of our client: either high performances or restricted consumptions.
We distinguish ourselves for a process of flexible development, our experience in this sector and a large amount of partners who let us integrate the realization of the software which goes parallel to that of the client, using the tools of shared development that we offer, but we also furnish complete solutions “all inclusive”, in particular in the field of IoT and of the applications “cloud based”.

The collaboration with the client doesn’t consist just only in the ending phase of the release, but it goes on the phase of supporting the field tests and the evaluation of the results in order to suggest modifications and adjustments; finally, when the project has reached the subsequent wholeness and maturity the client is provided with a transfer of tutoring and knowledge which will let him manage the life cycle of his product in autonomy.

MAS board support package

A Board Support Package (BSP) is a software which implements and supports an operative system on a specific hardware platform. MAS has got a huge experience in the process of BSP Linux. Our experience includes:

  • Bootloader: a bootloader is executed before an operative system starts to work. The boot loader is totally linked to the hardware. Every system has got its own personal bootloader.
  • Kernal Porting: the porting of the kernel on a new ARM card is not banal. We adapt the kernel of reference of the silicon provider to the specific hardware creating and modifying the drivers and the main settings.
  • Driver: an embedded system: it is available and it is very much more a simple kernel and bootloader. MAS has got a huge experience in the porting of the driver for a variety of cores and IP peripheral devices.
  • Optimization: MAS deep knowledge on the embedded design based on ARM let us optimize the system on various domains especially hw.
  • Integration: all the components of the system must be integrated – kernel, driver, libraries and services – and tested to provide a solid solution. MAS provides a suite of basic tests conformed to the goal. So far the final user is led in the process of using the system in a correct manner.

The result of all these steps is defined BSP and it includes all the necessary software components and they are ready to be develop for being applied by the client.

servizi software mas elettronica
servizi software mas elettronica

MAS GUI (Graphic User Interface)

An interface must be easy to be used even by non-professional staff. The portability garantees to the customer the serenity of knowing that even if he changes platform he will never fall into the problem of facing big costs for what concerns the process of engineering the project one more time.

MAS provides either interfaces or immediate fruition, for the products equipped by direct user interaction, or it provides Web interfaces, to permit the fruition from every device provided with Web browser. Moreover, when the graphics is not a meaningful criterion MAS furnishes some applications with minimal user interfaces, to permit an operability at low project impact and guarantee, in anyway, the possibility (to a trained user) to carry out the common daily operations as required.


To accelerate the development of the products of our customers we offer a service of Hardware design which goes from the integration of our SOM to the FULL Custom.



MAS Elettronica has chosen to entrust the management of the production of its cards to Italian partners who are considered leaders on the market. Mas technicians and our partners take care of the entire productive process even observing the minimum details: from the assembly of the productive process, to the tests (ICT and functional) of the cards; form the process of labelling, that of quality supervision, till the packaging of the systems.


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