Industrial automation is a rising trend that, after an unavoidable stop due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, has been regaining its role in Industry 4.0 strategies. 

Talking about industrial automation may raise concerns about the future of the ‘human’ labor force, but it is anachronistic to imagine a future without automation and digitalization. The 4th Industrial Revolution is already here.

From assembling to storage and transportation: there are several applications of automation technologies in smart factories. And there are several advantages that can offer new business opportunities. 

The advantages of industrial automation

Increased productivity 

A robot doesn’t get tired and it can guarantee a constant level of high performance. It can repeat the same tasks infinite times (if it does not break down, of course). The production becomes more efficient and accurate and the margin of error can be reduced to the minimum. Workers won’t do repetitive and potentially dangerous tasks. New highly specialized profiles for programming, monitoring, and analyzing tasks will gain more value in the companies. 

A more efficient organization

Thanks to robot programming, it is possible to schedule different tasks and avoid inactivity in production. Automation allows companies to optimize costs and time. 

Reduce margin of error 

The margin of error is an inevitable consequence of human activities. After long hours of work or even for a simple distraction, a worker can commit an error that can compromise production. Industrial automation reduces this risk. Machinery can make mistakes as well, but smart factories can perform constant monitoring,  both on-site and remotely. In this way, anomalies and errors can be promptly detected.

A better security 

Besides the reduction of errors, automated processes can reduce the risks of accidents at work. An increased production accelerates the working pace with heavier shifts and complex tasks. By using smart machinery, these repetitive operations can be delegated to robots. 

A more reliable company 

There is no doubt that an organized and efficient company, that maintains deadlines and delivery schedules, is more reliable for old and new potential clients. Business opportunities can grow with a smart company. 

Valid support for decision-making processes 

Thanks to AI technologies and Big Data, it is possible to predict trends and manage the workflow. Smart factories are able to take strategic decisions based on factual data and information. Robotic automation allows flexible production, which is the future of the global industry.

MAS Elettronica supports industrial automation 

At MAS Elettronica we believe in the future and evolution of Industry 4.0, where automation represents an essential element to improve the industrial world. Every day, we support our clients to help them become more competitive and efficient. 

Among our products for industrial automation, we present: 

  • SBC Mina: a single board computer aimed at sectors like industry, medical, and automotive, where robots manage different phases of production. SBC MINA is ready to use and can support a high volume of data;
  • SBC Frida: thanks to the standard PICO ITX and SMARC 2.0, the single board SBC Frida offers modular solutions that can be adapted to every industrial sector.


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