Medical sector and digital healthSuccessful cases MAS Elettronica

Medicale e salute digitaleCasi di successo MAS Elettronica

MEDICAL SECTOR and digital Healthcare

Digital health – that is all those sectors which use technologies and a software as primary incentives of their business to become digital in what concerns the health.

The trends of global growth are also present in Europe, where the investments in startup of the healthcare sector are almost doubled trimester after trimester, reaching  6,9 billiard of dollars in Q2 2021 (the 5th consecutive trimester to make this growth of investments be realized).

In 2025 –the value of the global market of the digital health will be around 657 billiards of dollars (this value was 175 in 2019).

President Mario Draghi, who affirmed that ‘the main place of care’ of patients will be ‘the home’ – has stated that ‘telemedicine’ and ‘integrated home assistance’ are the fundamental drivers to design the local healthcare’ one more time. 


Sector: industrial and pharmaceutical quality control

CLIENT BACKGROUND: famous mutinational Italian company, leader on the wordly market specialized in systems and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

CLIENT NEED: creating a new system of modular, performing and aestethically enganging control of their machines.


We have planned a Full custom solution based on our CPU ANITA IMX8M mini and ST microcontroller with a hardware, software supply and customized assembly.


  • Quad core ARM A53 system at 1,6 Ghz
  • 2 Lan Gigabit Ethernet
  • True real time system
  • Personalized Mechanics

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