Expertise, tech innovation, and high-quality products: these are the values that have been characterizing us for more than 14 years. In every project, we offer our deep expertise, the result of our long experience combined with the latest updates. Every day MAS Elettronica team and our most reliable partners design and develop hardware and embedded systems that can satisfy the clients’ needs, offering the most innovative and efficient solutions. 

Customized solutions for tech innovation

From the initial kick-off to the assistance on the final product: MAS Elettronica has the exclusive advantage of being a unique and qualified interlocutor with whom the client can follow all the project phases. The proposed solutions can be customized and shaped to satisfy the clients’ needs. We offer a complete and flexible service to Italian and international companies and we guarantee constant support before, during, and after the production to promptly intervene in case of necessity. When a project reaches its maturity, we offer tutoring sessions and transfer knowledge to our clients to manage independently the product life cycle. 

Hardware, software, and production

In the past 14 years, we have strengthened our expertise in tech innovation and hardware/software design. Thanks to our extensive experience, we design and realize steady and tested products. Portability and easy-to-use are our focus to offer turn-key solutions, especially in the Internet of Things and cloud-based applications. 

The productive phase is assigned to our most reliable and expert partners. The production is carefully followed in every step by MAS engineers and our partners: from testings to labeling, from quality control to board packaging. 

Sandro Mascetti’s experience and intuition

MAS Elettronica has consolidated its experience in hardware design thanks to the intuition and passion of its founder, Sandro Mascetti, the electronic engineer who leads the tech team in MAS. Born as an electronic design consulting firm, MAS has evolved into a robust and reliable company with a team of experts in electronics and computing. 

“Every day we approach new technologies and the biggest challenge is to transform changes and disintegrations into opportunities and advantages – explain Sandro – It’s in our DNA to find innovative solutions and allow our clients to be the owners of the solutions we offer”. 

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