MAS Elettronica has entrusted the production of its own boards to Italian partners who are leaders on this business market.

MAS technicians and its partners handle all the productive process (the starting-up of the productive process, its tests – ICT and functions, the labeling, the quality control till the packaging of the systems), taking care of even the smallest details.

Board production

The board assembly (through our EMS partners) is exterior to MAS. There is a synergical collaboration between MAS Purchase Office and EMS partners to reach goals of quality, costs and best delivery times. Here there are the developed activities:

  • Analysis of the criticalities (obsolescences, lack of stock) of some components which are there in itemized list getting to a technically valid alternative.
  • Costing verify, to maintain the prearranged budget
  • Supply of MAS testing systems to our Partners
  • Management of the problems during the initial phase of productions (especially new).
  • Face to face analysis during the phase of post production, to try to understand the productive processes.

Production planning

Thanks to the ten-year collaboration with our productive partners we are able to plan, even yearly, our deliveries to guarantee clear delivery times and lower the productive costs for our clients.

Board prototype

MAS offers rapid prototyping services of the boards planned for our clients in 2/3 weeks.


The funcional tests are carried out through systems of tests furnished by the clients or through the innovative platform of tests owned by MAS Mastester and developed by the Test Engineering Team of Mas Elettronica which guarantees maximum fexibility and a wide possibility to customize very sort of things according to the technical needs of the client. The planning of the test fixture is realized inside MAS.

Tracing system

We own a system of internal coding where, if we insert a board inside this database, it allows us to trace it, from its first entrance to its last exit. Thanks to this code we can go back up to lots of production, test logs etc.

Incoming and outgoing visual control

To guarantee quality to our clients, we execute visual controls of quality during the period of incoming and outgoing

Packaging system

Through our trusting contractors, we evaluate the best packaging solution for the end use.


Our system of RMA (return for fixing up) lets us give a ready service to our clients in the management of the products during the phase of post-selling.


To accelerate the development of the products of our customers we offer a service of Hardware design which goes from the integration of our SOM to the FULL Custom.



Because of the usage of extensively consolidated technologies MAS is able to work in a fast and safe manner to deliver a final product which is stable and well-consolidated. The two focal points of our job are simplicity and portability, visible on the graphic interfaces our products are equipped. Software solutions include Board Support Package (BSP) or user advanced interfaces.


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