Industry 4.0 and connectivitySuccesful cases MAS Elettronica

Industry 4.0 and connectivitySuccesful cases MAS Elettronica


The industry 4.0 has had a central position in the process of the economical transformation in Italy and in the world. In 2016 our country has launched an ad hoc government plan which has been submitted to evolutions and revisions: from Industry 4.0 Plan to Firm 4.0 Plan till national plan of Transition 4.0.

According to the observatory of the Polytechnic University of Milan in 2021 the growth of the industries which invested in Industry 4.0 technologies was of 12%, 15%, a market which has a value of 4,5 billion with an additional prediction of growth of 4% in 2022.

Aligning a plan for the cybersecurity to a business strategy, it is possible to obtain better business results and gather those advantages which have been causing a reduction of costs due to violations from 48% to 71%.


Productive Sector of commercial and industrial locks.

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Italian, memorable, multinational, company, leader on the market of industrial and commercial locks.

CLIENT NEED: furnishing a new system of opening without material keys using a Bluetooth technology. The client had also necessity of data management, monitoring of the functioning and usage of their products through cloud and an application Android/IOS.


We have created a completely full custom product using a wireless ESP32 module, coding the included data for a total security. We have realized an App on Android and IOS to allow the user to open and close the lock and the management of the users.

All is controlled by Cloud in collaboration with our specialized Partners.


  • Opening and closing of the doors in 10 seconds
  • Coded bluetooth connectivity to obtain the maximum level of security.
  • just one tool able to pilot simultaneously more than one lock
  • automatic control of the opening and closing speed and closing of doors and windows
  • personalized system of updating FOTA

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