Artificial IntelligenceSuccessful case MAS Elettronica

Artificial IntelligenceSuccessful case MAS Elettronica


 “The artificial intelligence is announcing an unbelievable potential growth concerning both the economy and the people.”

Some researches on the impact of the IA in 12 main economic sectors reveal that the IA could double the annual rates of the economic growth in 2035, modifying the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine. It is estimated that the impact of the IA technologies on the field of work will lead to an increase of the work productivity up to 40% and it will permit people use the time at their disposal in a more efficient way.


Sector concerning the security and analysis of the data on the daily city traffic.

CLIENT BACKGROUND: Indian company, leader in the market of the analysis of the traffic, focused on the sustainable mobility and present in 26 countries of the world.

CLIENT NEED: the client required an extremely performed system to acquire pictures using commercial video cameras to analyze the daily city traffic.


The client choice is focused on a 100% standard MAS Elettronica solution, SBC NVIDIA Lightfront created for JCube Inc. and commercialized by us.

This solution is the best one for its modularity: it supports the three principal modules: Nvidia: Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX and e Jetson Tx2.


  • Acquisition of three video cameras simultaneously on USB3
  • Two Gigabit ethernet interfaces with a simultaneous broadband
  • Performance IA:21 TOPS
  • Fanless system with MAS ELETTRONICA passive heat sink
  • 384 NVIDIA CUDA® Core, 48 Tensor Core, 6 CPU Carmel ARM and two engine accelerators NVIDIA Deep Learning (NVDLA).
  • 59,7 GB/s of memory board

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