MAS Elettronica’s experience in the field of hardware planning on the digital and complex systems based on ARM is really consolidated. Our huge knowledge of the design and of the productive technologies is made available to create our products and those of our customers.

Architectures in use:

Arm® Cortex®, Arm9™, Arm11™, Arm A53™, Arm A72™, Arm A7™, Arm A9™
IBM PowerPC ®
NXP ColdFire®

Xilinx FPGA Spartan e Lattice FPGA Video cores.

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Our service

A hardware planning of a system is a process which covers various phases in order to reach a complete solution. Here there is the description of all of these steps.

Definition of the architecture of our system

we put our twenty-year experience and that of our partners at our customer’s disposal to obtain the best technical solution ever, in order to satisfy all the requirements concerning costs/performances/consumptions.

Project on electric schematics

During this activity we use the best CAD on the markets taking into account the following criteria of planning:

  • choice of all the elements on the basis of the MTBF criteria, availability and cost;
  • EMC: low emissions and protections;
  • Advanced power management: criteria to optimize the consumption;
  • Signal Integrity by design: introduction of rules for the PCB planning to guarantee a good signal integrity.

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PCB development

This activity is realized together with our partners, using the most high-tech CAD tools which let us take care of all the aspects of a PCB development:

  • Mechanical (mechanical analysis in 3D)
  • Thermal (thermal analysis of the system)
  • Signal Integrity (analysis of the impedance, stackup, crosstalk and integrity (PCIe, SATA, CSI2) using forms furnished by the producers of semi-conductors)
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM): project made for mass production

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Rapid Board Prototyping, Test e integrazione

Grazie ai nostri Partner tecnologici possiamo offrire un servizio di prototipazione veloce delle schede progettate.
Il test del prototipo viene fatto internamente dai nostri tecnici utilizzando strumenti all’avanguardia. Un report dettagliato dei risultati dei test viene inviato ai nostri clienti per un confronto.

Integrazione del prototipo sul sistema dei nostri clienti viene fatta come ultima attività prima delle prove di precompliance.

Precompliance testing

Dopo la fase di prototipazione/preserie offriamo un servizio di precompliance EMC delle schede e dell’intero sistema del cliente. Di seguito alcuni test che vengono fatti:

  • Test di Emissioni seguendo le normative e livelli di accettazione secondo il settore di applicazione.
  • Test di immnunità condotte e irradiata seguendo le normative e livelli il settore di applicazione.
  • Test in temperatura e di durata.
  • Altri test speciali quali Vibrazione, Umidità ecc.

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Because of the usage of extensively consolidated technologies MAS is able to work in a fast and safe manner to deliver a final product which is stable and well-consolidated. The two focal points of our job are simplicity and portability, visible on the graphic interfaces our products are equipped. Software solutions include Board Support Package (BSP) or user advanced interfaces.



MAS Elettronica has entrusted the production of its own boards to Italian partners who are leaders on this business market. MAS technicians and its partners handle all the productive process (the starting-up of the productive process, its tests – ICT and functions, the labeling, the quality control till the packaging of the systems), taking care of even the smallest details.


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