Thanks to sci-fi movies, we can imagine a future where robots will be more ‘human’, to the point of being able to replicate human behaviors like feelings and creativity. This type of future is not too far away, because Artificial Intelligence is rapidly progressing and the differences between humans and robots are reducing. AI is developing in that direction and will imitate a uniquely human characteristic: creativity. In this case, we talk about Generative Artificial Intelligence. 

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence? 

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) is an innovative branch of AI that is able to create new and original content. It is a more elaborated output than one generated by analysis and actions to existing data. In this case, we talk about ‘Reinforcement Learning’ because it is a more complex training than the well-known Machine Learning. 

Thanks to Reinforcement Learning, a Generative AI application can collect photos, videos, emails, texts, codes, and other types of information to generate brand-new content. Among the most known applications is the text-to-image application, where a textual input can generate an original image that reflects the given description. 

Generative AI can be applied to different business areas, like: 

  • marketing and communication: to create content for blogs, social, mail, or newsletters, but also more relevant advertising based on interests and purchases, 
  • IT: to create software and codes without human input, 
  • translations: to localize contents in different languages, 
  • conversational chatbots: to be used in several services and businesses to talk and better engage with consumers. 

Marketing and Communications is surely the area profiting from Generative AI, but Digital Health is another sector that can be optimized thanks to this new technology. Using empathic and conversational chatbots, with Reinforcement Learning and Generative AI, it will be more efficient to communicate with patients and doctors. It will be possible to perform remote monitoring, analysis, and diagnosis. Visits in hospitals and clinics can be reduced, reducing the pressure on healthcare systems. 

Legal and administrative firms can use Generative AI to create documents, contracts, and translations, reducing time and bureaucracy. In businesses, GAI can help create new business models and strategies. 

Like any other technology, GAI has some risks to face. The most known is ‘deepfake’, which means creating false content that cannot be distinguished from an original one. Another risk is related to intellectual property because the content is generated by analyzing existing data and information. 

It is therefore essential that businesses put security as a top priority when choosing products and services for AI. 

MAS Elettronica supports Generative Artificial Intelligence 

CPU Aurora IMX8M is among the best MAS Elettronica to realize Generative Artificial Intelligence solutions. It is a SOM general purpose specialized in AI with high performance and low energy consumption. It can simultaneously manage three displays and CPU Aurora IMX8M can elaborate a high quantity of data in real-time. 

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