Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the industry and bring enormous benefits related to efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. In the next few years, AI will be even closer to human intelligence, mimicking human behaviors and developing autonomous actions.

Among the 2023 AI trends, we will surely find more security, sustainability, and creativity

A further step for data-driven

Thanks to Big Data, it is possible to manage a business with a data-driven approach, by monitoring processes and intervening according to the collected data. A further step will be a more proactive application of the devices in a more integrated and smart system. It will be possible to shorten decision-making processes and make them more accurate and trackable. 

Security: AI TRiSM

The security topic can be summed with the acronym TRiSM: Trust, Risk and Security Management. Therefore businesses must focus on these topics. New technologies are more compliant with security but they are not immune to cyber-attacks. Companies that will face and solve issues related to transparency and cybersecurity, will be keener to adopt AI applications to achieve their business goals. 

Adaptive AI

AI applications will be able to adapt and modify themselves according to the machine and the operator’s feedback or external changes in the real world that could not be foreseen during the app or system development. Systems will be more integrated and contextualized with the real world.

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Besides Adaptive AI, another trend will be Generative AI, the Artificial Intelligence application that is able to create something new from existing data like codes, videos, images, or texts. AI will break down another barrier and will replicate a characteristic unique to humans: creativity. 

Augmented Reality in workplaces 

Augmented Reality will be more present in workplaces: thanks to special devices like smart headsets, operators can interact in real-time and actively work with robots or smart machinery. Maintenance will particularly benefit from Augmented Reality and AI, which can help to prevent damages, interruptions, or health risks for workers. Virtual Assistants, too, will represent an important support in workplaces to promptly recollect information or suggest alternatives in case of problems. 

Sustainability, thanks to advanced analysis 

Sustainable technologies are a top priority for most companies. Among the main business goals, there will be solutions that could increment energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and respect the community. Thanks to advanced Big Data analysis, automation, and new technologies, like AI, IoT, and Machine Learning, companies can constantly monitor the goals related to sustainability. 

Save Energy for a more sustainable development

Devices and machinery require a huge amount of energy. It is therefore important for companies to find more efficient solutions in terms of power and detect dispersions or wastes. AI is an ideal solution to implement greener systems. 

MAS Elettronica supports AI solutions 

Mas Elettronica supports companies with the best systems to design AI solutions: 

  • SBC Lightfront is a compact board that can enhance every product, adding Advance AI characteristics, 
  • CPU Aurora IMX8M is a neural processor for AI applications, that guarantees low dissipation, low consumption, and very high performance; 
  • SBC Frida is a single board of IMX8M family, that guarantees complete modularity; 
  • Mina is the ideal solution for robotics and digital technologies for a sustainable future.

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