Automation technologies are a fundamental pillar in the Industry 4.0 revolution, characterized by smart, connected, automatized, and more efficient production. Modern technologies, even more, connected and innovative, allow a better autonomy of machinery, mainly for repetitive processes, improving the quality of production and the work conditions, while promoting a more sustainable development for every company.

Thanks to automotive technologies, companies can pursue the digital transition and be more competitive and innovative. 

Different technologies, different automation 

When talking about automated processes, is often referred to as an industrial robot that produces, assembles, or moves an item. But automation is a technological development with different facets, like: 

  1. Robotic automation of processes: thanks to robots it is possible to perform repetitive actions where human intervention is not strictly necessary; 
  2. Industrial processes’ automation: thanks to software, it is possible to automate several operations; 
  3. IT Automation: another sector where automation can be a benefit is IT, where it could be possible to automate code and systems. 

The advantages of automation

Automation technologies can be potentially used by several industries, but they are mainly used in the manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, and IT industries. The advantages of automation are numerous: 

  • simplified processes
  • improved efficiency
  • increased productivity by letting the robots do repetitive tasks, 
  • there is not necessarily a workforce reduction, but a task shift, 
  • production time saving, 
  • reduced margin of errors and better reliability,  
  • chance of implementing energy efficiency and environmental policies
  • companies can focus on technological innovation. 

Implementing automated systems can not be done overnight, but it requires an innovative vision to carry out these changes and transform a business or part of it. It is necessary to rely on trustworthy partners and suppliers and choose the most appropriate technologies and solutions for the company. 

Mas Elettronica supports Industry 4.0

MAS Elettronica products are perfect to develop and optimize automation processes in every industry. Among our products, we highlight SBC Mina and  SBC Frida. Thanks to their standard formats 3,5’’, PICO ITX e Smarc 2.0 they guarantee completely modulable solutions. 

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