Sistemi embedded vision dalla collaborazione sinergica di MAS Elettronica e TTM Technology

MAS Elettronica and TTM Technology join forces for embedded vision systems

MAS Elettronica, specialized in the latest generation embedded systems for the industrial market, is pleased to announce the collaboration with TTM Technology, a company operating in the field of artificial vision.
Two well-established and structured realities, together to create new embedded artificial vision systems.

About TTM Technology

TTM Technology is part of TTM Group (Top Technology Mission), an Italian financial holding with headquarters in Reggio Emilia.
TTM unites 3 different entrepreneurial realities specialized in the field of intelligent artificial vision, whose mission is to achieve excellence in different sectors:

  • DPControl is the award-winning digital atelier of computer vision edge, neural networks, AI and intelligent cameras, specializing in high-performance custom hardware and software systems, imaging sensor fusion and multimodality. It revolutionizes the approach to Edge AI Vision by accelerating and simplifying access to technology with easy-to-use, generic and programmable solutions and methods.
  • Spark offers the best computer vision technologies for security, smart city, retail and industrial applications.
  • Bridge 129 deals with safety and protection systems by proposing innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Protagonists of access control in restricted traffic areas and in video surveillance of public and private environments.

TTM produces customizable cameras with artificial intelligence capabilities for security, business intelligence and smart city applications. The production process is structured as follows:

  • AI design and technology carried out by DPControl
  • construction of devices and cameras from Spark
  • development of infrastructures and systems by Bridge 129

Embedded systems and artificial vision

A very strong synergy immediately took place between MAS Elettronica and TTM Technology where the common goal is to create the best solution on the market, as claimed by Fabrizio Stocchini, COO of TTM Technology.
Both offer their experience in their respective fields of specialization and are linked by a common vision on the use of proprietary technologies, centralized production process and totally made in Italy activities.

The combination of different skills allows us to imagine a new generation of applications, as stated by Sandro Mascetti, the CEO of MAS Elettronica.

The goal of the partnership between MAS Elettronica and TTM is to enhance multimedia applications by integrating computer vision with artificial intelligence solutions.

Embedded systems have a reputation for delivering maximum performance with the smallest size. Thanks to computer vision applications and their neural functions, they can also manage advanced detection, classification and recognition functions.

The target is to produce high-performance microprocessors capable of supporting embedded applications for computer vision.

Application sectors of embedded vision systems

The embedded vision systems are at the centre of the industrial revolution because always more technological sectors use or want artificial vision systems. The areas where embedded vision systems are applied are many, among these the most common are:

  • industrial sector, the vision is used to verify the dimensions and accuracy of the assemblies
  • military division, to help the armed forces in security and monitoring tasks
  • medical field, for example for surgical interventions and endoscopic investigations
  • domestic burglar alarms
  • remote control of sensitive areas
  • robotics
  • thermography
  • traffic control

Precisely for this reason, the partnership for video applications between MAS and TTM was born and it is suitable to satisfy the foreseen needs.
Strengths and experiences combine to define new software and hardware specifications and to create reliable embedded vision systems with high performance.

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artificial intelligence solutions by MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation

MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation, together to create Artificial Intelligence solutions

The aim of the collaboration between MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation is to share their specific skills and propose Artificial Intelligence solutions made in Italy, both hardware and software.
The two companies are committed to creating robust, reliable, powerful but above all scalable applications according to specific needs.

About Laser Navigation Company

Laser Navigation is an innovative SME and a research laboratory in Bergamo qualified by the MIUR. In its origins, there is the robotic design which, in recent years, has naturally evolved towards Artificial Intelligence applications.

The company was among the 3 founders of the Arducopter open project which now boasts more than 3,000 developers internationally.
They collaborate on specific projects with the Milan Polytechnic, the Marche Polytechnic and the University of Padua. Additionally, they are Inception Partner of NVIDIA USA and have close relationships with NASA's Intelligence System Division.
Earlier this year they participated in the launch of a CubeSat whose hardware component they fully developed.

In the last 4 years, the Laser Navigation team has also been dealing with Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to vision. They developed and patented an A.I. called SophyAI, scalable and modular in relation to the purposes to be achieved.

SophyAI can interface with any existing IoT in order to amplify its cognitive abilities or carry out specific implementation commands, such as opening/closing gates, fire systems, adjustments.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions: how the SophyAI platform works

The patented SophyAI platform is a truly interactive, operational and attentive h24 control and surveillance system. It uses digital and analogue cameras (even existing ones) to supervise everything that happens or could happen in industrial contexts.

SophyAI is used for the neural interpretation of images, their classification and the algorithmic declination of the resulting utility aspects. Its peculiarity is that it is not limited to the sole interpretation of the various scenarios through its neural module. Rather, thanks to the other two integrated georeferencing and workflow modules, it generates customizable functions for managing the safety of workers and company assets.

Furthermore, SophyAI complies with the rules of the GDPR because it operates in full Digital Twin model.

Integrated into SophiAI is another application called Sophy Assistance, which allows you to have on your smartphone relevant functionality for monitoring the safety of employees. SophyAI is structured to be able to interface with any IoT component (collaborative or not).

For more information, visit SophyAI for vending.

How the collaboration between MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation was born

Laser Navigation's SophyAI Artificial Intelligence platform has found in MAS Elettronica's Jetson NVIDIA architectures an excellent “engine” capable of fully satisfying its computational requirements.

Their synergy gives life to solid, reliable and efficient Artificial Intelligence solutions. But the most important feature is the possibility of offering scalable applications, totally Italian, to meet every type of request and need.

Specifically, MAS NVIDIA SBC Lightfront is an SBC card that includes the NVIDIA Jetson NANO and XAVIER SOMs. Thanks to their performance and attributes it will be possible to manage modern A.I., add advanced Artificial Intelligence, embedded applications and IoT on third-party products.

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Soluzioni Embedded di Mas Elettronica

Who is MAS: our origins and embedded solutions

MAS Elettronica was born in Padua on 9 December 2008 as an electronic design studio thanks to the experience and passion of its founders, the Electronic Engineer Sandro Mascetti and his wife Carolina Sanhueza, Head of administration, communication and marketing.

The origin of the name MAS Elettronica

The company's name contains the corporate mission and the values of its founders. MAS Elettronica was chosen for 3 main reasons:

  • It is made up of the initials of the founders' surnames: MAscetti and Sanhueza
  • MAS is the acronym for Most Advanced Solutions
  • In Spanish, MAS means “more” and together with Elettronica it becomes More ElectronicsSo, MAS Elettronica bears the name of the founders and contains the essence for which it was created.

Embedded solutions and the company evolution

Over the years MAS Elettronica has grown and has managed numerous strategic collaborations. Thanks to the decades of experience of Sandro Mascetti and the proven knowledge of his team in new generation embedded technologies, it has established itself internationally.

On the occasion of the first participation in EW in 2015, the company presents itself with the slogan Embed your needs, precisely to establish itself as a leader in embedded solutions.

2020 begins with major changes, website and branding restyling, landing on social networks to make the most of digital communication and visibility.
With 12 years of experience, MAS can meet the needs of the Embedded market with innovative and reliable solutions while maintaining high-quality standards and strengthening its identity, the slogan becomes Embed your needs and manage them.

What does MAS do

MAS Elettronica is a company specialized in Embedded Solutions and ARM Architectures for the industrial market. It designs, develops and manufactures its products starting from the proof of concept, then deals with the design of hardware, software, mechanics and Embedded Operating Systems (Linux and Android) managing both low-level software and applications.

It provides standard or customized solutions for the industrial market in different sectors: medical, artificial intelligence, safety, automotive, and much more.

The company mission is to create competence and value, provide customers with new technologies and support them in choosing the best solution. This can only be reached through specific skills and in-depth studies.

MAS is constantly growing in its reference market, also becoming a strategic partner for small and large Italian and international companies. It aims to offer simple solutions to complex problems.

Founder Sandro Mascetti states: "It is in our DNA to find innovative solutions and to make our customers the masters of the solutions we offer."

Company strengths

Carolina Sanhueza states "I believe that strong leadership is essential for the success of a good strategic plan. For this reason, Sandro and I try to get involved and involve both our collaborators and our partners in the development of our projects for a better mutual growth".

The business can count on:

  • Young, dynamic and professional team
  • Proven experience and knowledge in next-generation Embedded technologies
  • Flexible and efficient organization
  • Coaching and technical support

A look towards the future

The challenges of the future are made up of progress, technological innovation and solutions to complex problems for industrial electronics and everyone.

For 13 years, MAS Elettronica has supported not only Italian companies but also international ones in the difficult process of technological products innovation. Today it wants to be the protagonist of change, proposing what it does best: intelligent and complete solutions for the evolution of products with industrial criteria.

MAS's focus in the coming years is to create value for the markets: medical, vision, energy and environmental. These are sectors that the company knows very well, where it can offer a real competitive advantage to customers.

In this exciting and challenging future, MAS is not alone. Employees, collaborators and travel companions are all united by the same vision: they work, every day, to create an extraordinary team… stay tuned!

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sistema infotainment auto: informazione ed intrattenimento a bordo per una guida più sicura

The car infotainment system: most used features and technologies

Lately, the automotive sector has been revolutionizing information and entertainment services on board thanks to the car infotainment system. A neologism that derives from the union of the terms information and entertainment.

Car infotainment includes all the technological functions found on modern cars that aim to provide useful services and improve the driving experience.

What is the car infotainment system?

Car infotainment is based on a hardware and software system that allows the driver to benefit from various services while driving or on board. It is activated by connecting to the smartphone or using buttons, voice commands or on-board display. Instant activation makes every operation extremely simple without taking your hands off the wheel, for safer driving.

The car infotainment available on the market mainly belongs to 3 groups: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which are connected via Bluetooth or USB cable and transmit most of the APPs on the phone to the on-board computer. These are managed by voice commands, such as Google Maps, Waze, Google Calendar, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc.
The third group concerns the Infotainment Packs, that is the factory devices installed directly by the manufacturers on their cars. Here the functions are managed directly on the embedded touch screen display.

Main functions available on board

Let's see through practical examples which are the main functions of the infotainment system, that is the major information and entertainment technology services available for divers and passengers:

  • Touch screen embedded computer
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Android auto or similar, therefore, the ability to connect the smartphone to the car
  • GPS integration
  • Knowing information strictly related to the journey by car, such as weather, traffic, car crash, fastest route
  • Streaming music for example on Spotify or iTunes
  • Voice commands like checking work emails while stuck in traffic, or setting calendar reminders
  • Answering calls via speakerphone
  • Listen to messages and respond vocally, if necessary
  • Search for services such as motorways, restaurants, car parks
  • Complete control of car functions, such as parking sensors and cameras, tire level
  • Driving aid management such as assisted braking and cruise control
  • Check the lighting systems
  • Activate or deactivate the car options, such as a heated seat or air conditioning

The car infotainment system is connected via an internet connection to the engine management control units. In this way it is possible to know at any moment of the journey the state of health of your four wheels, keeping under control the tire pressure, the external temperature, the presence of any ice on the road or the consumption and recharging status of the battery for electric or hybrid cars.

The car infotainment system makes driving safer because it prevents the driver and/or passengers from getting distracted, and also simplifies a large number of operations that become easily accessible thanks to technology.

The future of the car infotainment system

With no doubt, technology automotive is evolving rapidly. The future of car infotainment systems is expected to be highly intuitive and customizable. The small displays on the windshield will be replaced by large infotainment systems and special screens integrated into the car's dashboard.
In addition, with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the automotive sector, we will be able to count on advanced features and virtual assistants such as autonomous driving.

In this video NXP, producer of CPU – CELERITY IMX8X, shows how could be your future driver experience with i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X applications processors. He demonstrates how a solution with this processor can drive three displays at the same time.

The MAS Solution best suited to this application is CPU – CELERITY IMX8X, get in touch now for more info about this product.