MAS Elettronica, specialized in the latest generation embedded systems for the industrial market, is pleased to announce the collaboration with TTM Technology, a company operating in the field of artificial vision.
Two well-established and structured realities, together to create new embedded artificial vision systems.

About TTM Technology

TTM Technology is part of TTM Group (Top Technology Mission), an Italian financial holding with headquarters in Reggio Emilia.
TTM unites 3 different entrepreneurial realities specialized in the field of intelligent artificial vision, whose mission is to achieve excellence in different sectors:

  • DPControl is the award-winning digital atelier of computer vision edge, neural networks, AI and intelligent cameras, specializing in high-performance custom hardware and software systems, imaging sensor fusion and multimodality. It revolutionizes the approach to Edge AI Vision by accelerating and simplifying access to technology with easy-to-use, generic and programmable solutions and methods.
  • Spark offers the best computer vision technologies for security, smart city, retail and industrial applications.
  • Bridge 129 deals with safety and protection systems by proposing innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Protagonists of access control in restricted traffic areas and in video surveillance of public and private environments.

TTM produces customizable cameras with artificial intelligence capabilities for security, business intelligence and smart city applications. The production process is structured as follows:

  • AI design and technology carried out by DPControl
  • construction of devices and cameras from Spark
  • development of infrastructures and systems by Bridge 129

Embedded systems and artificial vision

A very strong synergy immediately took place between MAS Elettronica and TTM Technology where the common goal is to create the best solution on the market, as claimed by Fabrizio Stocchini, COO of TTM Technology.
Both offer their experience in their respective fields of specialization and are linked by a common vision on the use of proprietary technologies, centralized production process and totally made in Italy activities.

The combination of different skills allows us to imagine a new generation of applications, as stated by Sandro Mascetti, the CEO of MAS Elettronica.

The goal of the partnership between MAS Elettronica and TTM is to enhance multimedia applications by integrating computer vision with artificial intelligence solutions.

Embedded systems have a reputation for delivering maximum performance with the smallest size. Thanks to computer vision applications and their neural functions, they can also manage advanced detection, classification and recognition functions.

The target is to produce high-performance microprocessors capable of supporting embedded applications for computer vision.

Application sectors of embedded vision systems

The embedded vision systems are at the centre of the industrial revolution because always more technological sectors use or want artificial vision systems. The areas where embedded vision systems are applied are many, among these the most common are:

  • industrial sector, the vision is used to verify the dimensions and accuracy of the assemblies
  • military division, to help the armed forces in security and monitoring tasks
  • medical field, for example for surgical interventions and endoscopic investigations
  • domestic burglar alarms
  • remote control of sensitive areas
  • robotics
  • thermography
  • traffic control

Precisely for this reason, the partnership for video applications between MAS and TTM was born and it is suitable to satisfy the foreseen needs.
Strengths and experiences combine to define new software and hardware specifications and to create reliable embedded vision systems with high performance.

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