The aim of the collaboration between MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation is to share their specific skills and propose Artificial Intelligence solutions made in Italy, both hardware and software.
The two companies are committed to creating robust, reliable, powerful but above all scalable applications according to specific needs.

About Laser Navigation Company

Laser Navigation is an innovative SME and a research laboratory in Bergamo qualified by the MIUR. In its origins, there is the robotic design which, in recent years, has naturally evolved towards Artificial Intelligence applications.

The company was among the 3 founders of the Arducopter open project which now boasts more than 3,000 developers internationally.
They collaborate on specific projects with the Milan Polytechnic, the Marche Polytechnic and the University of Padua. Additionally, they are Inception Partner of NVIDIA USA and have close relationships with NASA’s Intelligence System Division.
Earlier this year they participated in the launch of a CubeSat whose hardware component they fully developed.

In the last 4 years, the Laser Navigation team has also been dealing with Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to vision. They developed and patented an A.I. called SophyAI, scalable and modular in relation to the purposes to be achieved.

SophyAI can interface with any existing IoT in order to amplify its cognitive abilities or carry out specific implementation commands, such as opening/closing gates, fire systems, adjustments.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions: how the SophyAI platform works

The patented SophyAI platform is a truly interactive, operational and attentive h24 control and surveillance system. It uses digital and analogue cameras (even existing ones) to supervise everything that happens or could happen in industrial contexts.

SophyAI is used for the neural interpretation of images, their classification and the algorithmic declination of the resulting utility aspects. Its peculiarity is that it is not limited to the sole interpretation of the various scenarios through its neural module. Rather, thanks to the other two integrated georeferencing and workflow modules, it generates customizable functions for managing the safety of workers and company assets.

Furthermore, SophyAI complies with the rules of the GDPR because it operates in full Digital Twin model.

Integrated into SophiAI is another application called Sophy Assistance, which allows you to have on your smartphone relevant functionality for monitoring the safety of employees. SophyAI is structured to be able to interface with any IoT component (collaborative or not).

For more information, visit SophyAI for vending.

How the collaboration between MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation was born

Laser Navigation’s SophyAI Artificial Intelligence platform has found in MAS Elettronica’s Jetson NVIDIA architectures an excellent “engine” capable of fully satisfying its computational requirements.

Their synergy gives life to solid, reliable and efficient Artificial Intelligence solutions. But the most important feature is the possibility of offering scalable applications, totally Italian, to meet every type of request and need.

Specifically, MAS NVIDIA SBC Lightfront is an SBC card that includes the NVIDIA Jetson NANO and XAVIER SOMs. Thanks to their performance and attributes it will be possible to manage modern A.I., add advanced Artificial Intelligence, embedded applications and IoT on third-party products.

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