In recent years, the word sustainability has been widely used (and abused) in different contexts, like institutional papers and companies’ strategies. This term is often used as a synonym for ecology and green practices. Sustainability is, however, a more articulated and profound concept that touches different aspects. 

Sustainable development aims surely at protecting the environment, but also at socio-economic practices that have an impact on people’s wellness. 

Sustainability is defined by four pillars

  • Governance,
  • Planet,
  • People, 
  • Prosperity

With this model, companies can undertake the transformation process to increase the company’s value. Companies that do not act in this direction will be unsustainable in the near future and will be excluded. 

Green solutions to protect the environment

The focus on the environment is surely the most known pillar of sustainability and there are several solutions for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Among the most popular, we can underline the following ones: 

  • renewable energies to reduce the use of fossil fuels. New technologies, like the Internet of Things, can help companies to optimize energy consumption and promotes energy efficiency; 
  • the circular economy that can promote the virtuous circle of reuse, and recycling and give a second or third life to materials or objects; 
  • sustainable mobility for people and goods. 

Sustainability for the society wellness

Sustainability, as written before, is not only related to the environment, but also to the society and economy. Besides focusing on the productive processes, it is necessary to focus on who is working in the company, who works on that process, and the territory. It’s a people-centered approach that promotes social innovation. 

Thanks to AI and IoT applications, it is possible to make a workplace safer and reduce injuries and illnesses. Involving workers in the sustainable transition stimulates productivity because people are more involved and they are no anymore a simple part of the mechanism. 

Create value, not only a profit 

It’s obvious that a company has to make profits to continue its business. Still, in a sustainable ecosystem, it is necessary to overcome the pure concept of profit and focus on creating value. It’s a fundamental element to evaluate a company, its social responsibility, and its investments. 

In this case, as well, new technologies, like AI and IoT, can support companies to improve productivity and work efficiency. Thanks to IoT, it is possible to collect reliable data and information to define KPIs for a successful sustainable business. 

A company must find a balance between profit and wellness in a perspective of sustainable growth to have a broader view of the future and new generations. 

Mas Elettronica for a sustainable development

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