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Generative Artificial Intelligence

Generative Artificial Intelligence for the future of AI

Thanks to sci-fi movies, we can imagine a future where robots will be more ‘human’, to the point of being able to replicate human behaviors…

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AI Trend per il 2023

2023 AI trends: security, creativity and sustainability

Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the industry and bring enormous benefits related to efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.…

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Sustainability: create value for the companies

In recent years, the word sustainability has been widely used (and abused) in different contexts, like institutional papers and companies’…

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Digital technologies

Digital technologies and renewable energy for a sustainable future

Imagine that one business could be more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and careful with people’s lives: it cannot be only a…

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Digitalizzazione 5 - MAS Elettronica

Digitalization 5.0, digital and green transition: what should a technological partner offer?

The digital and green transition is a strategic point at the center of the European Agenda to give a new boost to the Economy and to focus…

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Predictive Maintenance, MAS Elettronica

Predictive Maintenance for a more sustainable future

Machine maintenance is one of the most important aspects of every industrial business. Until now, industries have adopted two types of…

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AI and sustainability: the best Smart Cities to follow

Minority Report, A.I. but also Blade Runner or the series of Back to the Future: Hollywood has always made the public dream about…

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Connettività, Agricoltura, Sostenibilità

Agritech: 5G, IoT and blockchain fo sustainable agricolture

Connectivity, digitalization, IoT and 5G technologies, blockchain: these are all concepts usually related to sectors like automotive,…

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IoMT, Internet of Medical things: what are the opportunities?

The Internet of Medical Things technologies, known as IoMT, is the Internet of Things grafting into Telemedicine, including all the devices…

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