Connectivity, digitalization, IoT and 5G technologies, blockchain: these are all concepts usually related to sectors like automotive, pharma, manufacturing and public administration. But there is another sector that can benefit from new technologies and it is agriculture

Digitalization and innovation are processes that are expanding in the farm industry to improve the production cycle and guarantee security, quality, and protection in the entire production chain. 

Agritech opportunities  

Agritech includes all those technologies and applications that allow to development of innovative and efficient solutions to improve product profitability, reduce waste and guarantee to the consumers a safe and high-quality product.  

Thanks to the Internet of Things, there are many technological applications in agriculture: 

  • smart sensors to be installed in the fields to remote monitor fundamental soil parameters like temperature, humidity, and light; 
  • smart and automated irrigation systems that understand if and when it is needed to irrigate; 
  • drones, both terrestrial and aerial, that can be used to monitor fields, livestock, cut crops or spray treatments on crops;
  • livestock monitoring through wearable devices to collect data about livestock health; 
  • new technologies will bring new job opportunities to young and specialized people and at the same time there is the chance to reduce arduous activities that often lead to illegal hiring; 
  • conduct predictive analysis on crops thanks to the data collected by the sensors and plan machinery used to collect and stock goods. Farmers can monitor the farm’s trends and plan future actions to improve profitability. 

In a historical time like now, when water and energy can be critical elements for a farmer, IoT technology can optimize resources and reduce waste. 

Sustainable agriculture and PNRR 

Agritech expansion is fundamental for the development of sustainable agriculture so that it won’t be any more irrational exploitation but an opportunity for coexistence with the planet that hosts us. According to the UN guidelines, sustainable agriculture should reduce waste, energy, and water consumption, respect the environment and limit pollution, ensure equity and transparency throughout the entire supply chain and encourage inclusive economic growth

The Piano Nazionale di Ripresa e Resilienza (PNRR) follows this direction and plans important investments to modernize the agricultural sector. There are three main pillars in the Government strategy for agriculture: circular economy and sustainable agriculture, production chain contracts and land protection. PNRR allocates 7 billion euros for the agricultural sector, and one-third will be dedicated to sustainability and a circular economy. In addition to these funds, there are transversal projects that are not directly linked to agriculture but the sector will benefit, too, like 5G development. 

Blockchain and traceability

Among modernization projects in the agricultural sector, there are all those initiatives linked to traceability use of blockchain technology. Based on decentralized systems that allow data immutability, blockchain technology is a valid solution that guarantees the traceability of the entire production chain. This is an important aspect, especially for organic farms with a risk of counterfeiting. 

Connectivity and security

Parallel to technological innovation, there is another fundamental area that businesses need to take into account: cybersecurity. The increasing number of connected devices, using Wifi, Bluetooth or 5G, presents a potential risk for cyberattacks, live a violation of sensitive and private data. Human-machine interfaces, HMI, need to be secure and reliable to avoid a network to become a backdoor for cyberattacks. It is fundamental that HMIs have a backup function for system recovery and proceed with the production process. MAS Elettronica solutions offer a high level of data security, thanks to TPM (Trusted Platform Module), a module with a cryptographic processor. 

MAS Elettronica solutions for agritech

MAS Elettronica offers reliable and innovative embedded solutions for all sectors. Among our top products are our flexible and adaptable HMIs. The characteristics of solutions are cybersecurity and 5G connectivity, fundamental elements for technological innovation. 

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