It has been already two years since that famous 21st February 2020, the day Italy stopped. That virus with a strange name, Covid-19, wasn’t distant anymore. It was in our cities and towns. It was the beginning of something we are still living inside: the global pandemic. It seems ages, yet it feels time frozen. 

Dealing with this new, complex, and constantly evolving global scenario is the biggest challenge. For us at MAS Elettronica, the focus on Tech Innovation has never faded out. Every day we studied, elaborated, and found innovative solutions to face new challenges. 

During these two years, we have touched on the uncertainty of resources’ procurement. Lockdowns, closures, restrictions, and staff reduction have negatively influenced resources’ imports, especially from strategic areas in Asia. Raw materials cost has reached the highest level and at some point, components were rare and unavailable. 

The effects of the global pandemic were not only physical but also social and human. The social distancing has separated us for long periods and we have almost forgotten smiles and handshakes. Then quarantines for close contact or for testing positive to Covid-19. Thanks to technology, although only virtually, the distances shorten; but the confrontation and feedback from colleagues are surely less effective and immediate. 

The global pandemic taught us to act quickly, developing new strategies with a more flexible vision of reality and discovering new instruments and means. Working together with colleagues and other companies has been fundamental; we strengthened relationships with our players and clients to overcome together obstacles that could have affected projects and activities. 

It happened that the reactions and actions were not the perfect ones, but they were effective and successful. We always fulfill our commitments with those who believe in MAS and in our professionality. Trust in us is the energy that has kept our engines running even during those moments when the World seemed stacked against the global pandemic. 

2022 will be an imporant year for MAS Elettronica. We have new and challenging goals for our company and for ourselves to pursue our mission for Tech Innovation. All we have learned till today is priceless for MAS and it is the right incentive to face even better this transitional and historical period.

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