Designing and realizing a new and successful product, software or service could be a bet, but we don’t necessarily need to appeal to fortune for an idea to be winning. The most efficient way is to elaborate a Proof of Concept (POC): a theoretical planning exercise to test a product’s feasibility that can include concrete elements like a prototype or a pilot. 

The meaning of Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept is a conceptual prototype to evaluate the potential development of a new idea and its investments. It is a simulation of a concept, followed by a real one with testing. To implement a POC it is necessary to draft the project’s objectives and its technical specifications and to create a functional environment where to test the Master Project as it would be real. 

There are other terms often used when speaking about POC: prototype, pilot, and MVP (Minimum Viable Product). They are not synonymous with Proof of Concept but steps of the same process. Once the POC has demonstrated the feasibility of the concept, the next steps could be: 

  • a prototype: a real model of the product; 
  • a pilot: a product released for a small audience;
  • a Minimum Viable Product (MVP): a product with basic features and moderate costs to test the market and receive feedback from clients. 

Prototyping, the concrete element of Proof of Concept

Building a prototype is an important step in the development process as the concept becomes real and it is like a tailored suit. 

MAS Elettronica offers a rapid prototyping service of boards planned in two or three weeks. The prototype objective is to implement the Proof of Concept and at the same time define the technical requirements to produce the boards. A functioning model can highlight the product potentialities and also allow prompt intervention to solve possible criticalities before the final production.  

Among the advantages of prototyping, we can state: 

  • the reduction of defects or errors, 
  • the opportunity to improve the product thanks to the prototype testing, 
  • cost and time optimization, 
  • saving-investment.

Full Custom Production

If the prototype is tailored-made, also the production is customizable. At MAS, the entire production process is curated by our specialized experts and by our valuable partners: from the Proof of Concept to prototyping, from board testing (ICT and functional) to the production and the quality control and packaging. 

Once the POC is done, we study the ideal product to realize the client project. We realize a prototype in a short period to rapidly test functionalities and efficacy, we analyze the results and we promptly take actions to improve the quality of the product.

Personalized testing 

Every project is unique, every client is unique: for this reason, testings are personalized to guarantee the best results. Boards are tested in every component to ensure full operation and technical compliance. The functional tests are carried out through systems of tests provided by the clients or through our proprietary and innovative testing platform, MAS Mastester, developed by the Test Engineering Team of MAS Elettronica. The planning of the test fixture is realized inside MAS.

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