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Applicazioni di intelligenza artificiale

Artificial Intelligence: applications in everyday life

In the past few years, researchers and engineers have taken giant steps to enhance artificial intelligence applications in various…

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Progettazione hardware del prodotto nell'industria 4.0

High-tech Industry: hardware design services and innovative technologies

The evolution of Industry 4.0 and the IoT is redefining product design and hardware design services. In a world where factories are…

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e-mobility per una smart city

E-mobility and future challanges

E-mobility is a growing trend that is revolutionizing the way we experience the city. The keywords are flexibility, accessibility and…

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emerging technologies for business

Emerging Technologies for Enterprises

    Deloitte has produced a report on 2021 emerging technologies designed for companies following the Covid-19 pandemic. For…

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smart gateway industria manifatturiera

Manufacturing Industry: the new trends in Industry 4.0

The manufacturing industry is changing fast, from advanced robotics to artificial intelligence, from products for Smart Energy and IOT…

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Nvidia SBC Lightfront: the future of Artificial Intelligence

It is important to believe in the benefits that advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings to our lives, to the very evolution of society…

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targa Admin 4D

ADMIN 4D project: Additive manufacturing and IoT systems in Industry 4.0

Technological innovation of Industry 4.0 employed for raising Manufacturing Companies is the focus of ADMIN 4D project, supported by the…

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Aries Embedded -Sales Partner in Germany

  We are proud to announce our new sales cooperation with Aries Embedded, embedded solutions specialist based in Germany. ''With the…

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Lattice Semi Crosslink Technology and NVIDIA Jetson NANO

  MAS Elettronica is proud to announce a low cost solution for a CSI Extender capable of remoting 4K sensors, using a standard 2.5…

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