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shortage componenti elettronici

Electronic component shortage: how to find an alternative

End of 2019: we would have never imagined living a global pandemic. 2022: we hoped that it wouldn’t start a new bloody war. Unfortunately,…

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Sistemi Embedded - MAS Elettronica

Embedded systems to improve work safety 

Work safety is a delicate and current topic, that closely involves millions of Italians. According to INAIL, the first two months of 2022…

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Blockchain: a new technology for a sustainable future

Blockchain technologies don’t enjoy a good reputation when it comes to environmental sustainability. The reason is that sometimes the word…

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HMI evolution - MAS

HMI: the evolution of human-machine interface

The evolution of the Human Machine Interface, HMI, had a rapid acceleration in recent years thanks to the development and spread of mobile…

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MAS - Tech Innovation

Expertise, our strength for tech innovation

Expertise, tech innovation, and high-quality products: these are the values that have been characterizing us for more than 14 years. In…

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MAS hardware components

Hardware Components: customize to solve the supply shortages

For the past two years, we are experiencing an ongoing crisis to supply hardware components. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the…

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IoT and AI systems for Pharma 4.0

Pharma 4.0: AI and IoT systems change Life Science Industry

IoT systems (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have drastically changed and evolved the Pharma Industry in recent years.…

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MAS Innovazione tecnologica

Our challenge for Tech Innovation during the Global Pandemic

It has been already two years since that famous 21st February 2020, the day Italy stopped. That virus with a strange name, Covid-19, wasn’t…

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Robot, Cobot and Computer Vision: the Industry 4.0 technologies

In the industry of the future humans and machines will collaborate together even more: computers, robots and other technological tools,…

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