End of 2019: we would have never imagined living a global pandemic. 2022: we hoped that it wouldn’t start a new bloody war. Unfortunately, the events of these early ‘20s, that we are witnessing, will fill numerous pages in future history books. We hope that these critical moments will end soon, especially for the human and social impact they have, but also for the enormous economic implications. 

At MAS, an example of how global events impact our activity is the electric component shortage, which is the difficulty of finding components to realize our products. Two factors – the supply and the cost of the raw materials – are transforming electronic components and microchips into precious commodities.  

But we must, and can react, to the uncertainties of the present. 

Our strategy to fight electronic component shortage

Competence, experience, and a spoonful of creativity: this is our perfect recipe for solving the problem of electronic component shortage. 

To face different situations, even the most critical, we follow a precise strategy that touches these points: 

  • planning: we raise awareness on the fundamental aspect of planning production activities; 
  • flexibility: it is an important characteristic that allows us to modify and adapt boards or software and avoid production stops;
  • collaboration: we teamwork with our partners to make the design and production process more efficient; 
  • customization: the best strategy is customized solutions, like customized hardware
  • trust: the strong bond we have with our suppliers allows us to analyze the situation,  discover and solve the difficulties, to always meet the commitments with our clients. 

How to find the best alternative

The electronic component shortage is a known problem. Its more evident consequences are high costs and delays in delivery, which affect the entire production process. To achieve our targets of high quality, while complying with costs and delivery schedule, it is necessary to plan in advance, following these activities:

  • Analysis of the criticalities, like component obsolescence or shortage, to find a valid alternative;
  • Cost analysis to comply with the budget,  
  • Supply of MAS testing systems to our partners;
  • Problemsolving analysis during production ramp-ups; 
  • Post-production analysis to improve future production processes. 

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