SBC MAS 2020 new family – Optimize resources, generate value and competitiveness!

iot sector mas elettronica

During this 2020, MAS Elettronica wants to offer new innovative, ready-to-use, modulate and available solutions to launch on the industrial market.

Solutions which are studied to be used independently and in simplicity with updates owned by MAS which are able to reduce the time a new product employs to spread on the market.

Modularity and hardware portability:
– MSATA 2,0 expansion: 3,0 Gbps;
– Expansion of the 4G minipci module;
– Expansion of the wifi minipci module.

Compatible software on different platforms

SBC solutions in standard form:
– Standard format 3.5
– Standard Smarc format;
– Expansion connector compatible with Rasberry PI.

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sara kit mas elettronica

  • Ottimo rapporto performance / prezzo
  • Compatta: piccola quanto il palmo di una mano
  • Ideale per elaborazione dati da sensoristica



nova vera sbc mas elettronica

  • Slot di espansione per massima modularità
  • Dotata di sistema di aggiornamento
  • Formato meccanico Standard 3,5”



mina imx8m mas elettronica

  • Adatta ad applicazioni real time
  • Acquisizione telecamere a 4K
  • Formato meccanico Standard 3,5” Smarc

por regione veneto

GOTHEM project

The Veneto Region makes available economic resources to co-fund some projects planned by networks of regional enterprises aimed at developing new technologies.

The new GOTHEM project, acronym of “Global House Thermal & Electrical Energy Management”, aims at promoting the acceleration of the technological innovation to support the energetic transition, with the prerogative of sustaining the collaborative activities of R&S for the development of new sustainable technologies, new products and services.

The project forsees a phase of industrial research which carries on an analysis and a study on the problems which could arise from the identification of the most suitable and innovative technologies.

The project will be ending during a year and it will have a consecutive planning phase which will consider the realization of some prototype elements to be realized and tested.

The non-repayable contributions received by the Veneto Region for the GOTHEM project: in 2019 € 41.559,40 as final payment for the expenses sustained during the first phase of the project.

Duration of the project: 07/11/2017 – 29/06/2021

Contribution received: € 75.858,94

embedded world mas elettronica

MAS Elettronica to the Embedded World 2020

In February the most important exhibition of our sector has happened: the Embedded World 2020 in Norimberga and in occasion of this event MAS Elettronica has been hosted by our distributor Schurter Spa. and we thank it for the opportunity given.

According to the market trends strongly orientated through the technologies of vision  and the necessities to have systems which can be up-to-dated in a safe way, we have introduced, in advance, our new IMX8 and NVIDIA solutions.