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Robot, Cobot and Computer Vision: the Industry 4.0 technologies

In the industry of the future humans and machines will collaborate together even more: computers, robots and other technological tools,…

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2021, numerous successes for MAS: technological solutions, partnerships and events

As 2021 is gone, it’s time to do a wrap-up of the year. It has been an intense year, full of events, partnerships and new technological…

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Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept: why it is important for your project

Designing and realizing a new and successful product, software or service could be a bet, but we don’t necessarily need to appeal to…

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IoT Applications Environmental Sustainability

IoT applications and AI systems: the new frontier for environmental sustainability

Today more than ever environmental sustainability is a crucial topic in international debates. To pursue the ambitious goals for a…

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision systems, applications in Industry 4.0

The evolution of Computer Vision, a fast-growing branch of Artificial Intelligence, is an important part of automation processes for…

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Sistemi embedded vision dalla collaborazione sinergica di MAS Elettronica e TTM Technology

MAS Elettronica and TTM Technology join forces for embedded vision systems

MAS Elettronica, specialized in the latest generation embedded systems for the industrial market, is pleased to announce the collaboration…

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artificial intelligence solutions by MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation

MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation, together to create Artificial Intelligence solutions

The aim of the collaboration between MAS Elettronica and Laser Navigation is to share their specific skills and propose Artificial…

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Soluzioni Embedded di Mas Elettronica

Who is MAS: our origins and embedded solutions

MAS Elettronica was born in Padua on 9 December 2008 as an electronic design studio thanks to the experience and passion of its founders,…

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sistema infotainment auto: informazione ed intrattenimento a bordo per una guida più sicura

The car infotainment system: most used features and technologies

Lately, the automotive sector has been revolutionizing information and entertainment services on board thanks to the car infotainment…

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