Promoted by the Veneto region, the new project GOTHEM, acronym of “Global House Thermal & Electrical Energy Management”, aims to promote the acceleration of technological innovation to support the energy transition, with the prerogative to support collaborative R & D activities for the development of new sustainable technologies, new products and services.

The project foresees an industrial research phase, suitable for an analysis and study of the problems for the identification of the most suitable and innovative technologies.

The project that will end in a year, will have a subsequent design phase, which involves the construction of prototype elements that will be implemented and verified.

 The Veneto Region provides economic resources to co-finance Regional Enterprise Network (RIR) projects aimed at developing new technologies.

MAS Elettronica is part of the RIR: Smart manufacturing, Climate and Energy. MAS Elettronica participates in the Gothem project, participating actively and bringing their ten-year experience.