Project “Rescue Expressway Chile”

Since mid-2014 the team of MAS Electronica was assigned the implementation of hardware and software for “SOS” emergency columns along the “Carretera Austral” highways of southern Chile.

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Dedicated to this project, which we called “Emergency Management System highways”, were two hardware and two of our best software engineers. The project management has been assigned to Ing. Mascetti and under his supervision, MAS engineers were able to achieve in recent months an entirely customised system based on concept that makes use of our form and our FIAMMA Controll box: final results have exceeded expectations thanks to the versatility of our CPU and the work of our team.

The features of the management system that we have developed are as follows:
• Monitoring of temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
• Charging the battery pack from solar panel
• Diagnostic System
• Anti-intrusion
• Managing voice messages when requesting SOS
• Managing GSM voice calls with the operator
• Information cartographic plant supervision

These applications allow the operator a real-time supervision of all columns installed, allowing him to intervene ifnecessary in any situation.


By April-May 2015 the final systems will be delivered and installed, which will then be implemented with the MQTT protocol, which will increase the performance, enabling remote management from any device and from anywhere in the world.