Piccola Smart Box

Modul MAS family Member low Cost MQTT Solution

The Piccola Smart Box MAS is a board with dimentions 104 x 87mm compatible with DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure that IOT oriented, very low cost and low power. Powered with MAS Ghita CPU board and a linux operating system, gives Piccola a great advantage in terms of number of protocols and applications where in can be used.

Specifications Block Diagram Documentation Ordering Info Accessories
CPU Supported
  • Ghita i.mx28x
    Supports All Ghita MAS CPU Board Family with Kernel 3.17
Display and Touch Panel
  • Display interface
    LVDS (optional)
  • Touch Panel
    4 wires resistive (optional)
  • Smart pannel
    Mas smart pannel interface (optional)
Serial Interfaces
  • CAN
    x 1 Can 2.0 not isolated
  • RS232
    x 2 RS232 not isolated
  • RS485
    x 1 not isolated
  • USB
    x 2 USB 2.0
  • Ethernet
    1 x Fast Ethernet
I/O Interface
  • input
    x 2 in optoisolated
  • output
    x 2 out optoisolated
  • I/O
    x 12 GPIO 3V3 non Isolated (optional)
External accessories
  • Expantion connector
    Connector for direct interface to Mas Modul products
  • Smart Pannel connector
    Connector for smart pannel (Character display and user Buttons for user interface)
Software Supported
  • Kernel Linux
    kernel 3.17 yocto 1.7
Electrical Characteristics
  • Power supply
    5 V (opt 9-36)Vdc
  • Temperature
    -40 + 85°C
  • Dimentions
    104mm x 87mm
Block Diagram
Ordering Info
Piccola Smart Box can be ordered in two versions:
With Enclosure
Without Enclosure
This versions do not include LVDS, resistive touch and WiFi/BT.
To order special versions pleas contact

Piccola Smart Box With Enclosure
Piccola Smart Box Without Enclosure

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