Great news for MAS Electronics. The Italian company, founded in 2008, has completed the move to the new headquarters of Rubano (Padova-Italy), laying the foundation for the development of the next years.

“The new location is very spacious and functional , and will allow us to work in the best conditions. The offices and the technical laboratory, completely reorganized, already allow us to operate more efficiently” explains Sandro Mascetti, CEO of MAS Electronics .
MAS Electronics has closed 2013 with revenues growing strongly, thanks to the acquisition of significant orders from domestic and overseas customers. “Our development program in the coming years is to consolidate our role as partners in the development of custom solutions, and at the same time to grow in the manufacturing and marketing of our products. This initiative, undertaken in 2012, has enabled us to gain further credibility in the market. For the next few years we expect a strong growth in sales of our products” continues Mascetti. .
In order to support the development on all markets, the website has been completely renovated. The new website, pleasant and easy to consult, provides a comprehensive overview of the products and services offered by MAS Electronics . Particular attention was paid to the description of the products, providing customers the complete technical specifications and allowing the online consultation of a rich and comprehensive WIKI.