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MAS Elettronica is proud to present its latest addition to its range of products: LEILA.

LEILA is a new generation SOM (System on Module) which we are currently proposing on the market.
This SOM (System on Module) supports i.MX6 Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/ Single core ARM Cortex-A9 and can process data and communicate very effectively thanks to its multi-core processing capabilities.
Connection to the Cloud and Internet of Things (IOT) is available through MQTT protocol.

It is both robust and highly reliable, particularly in environmental conditions of high stress, which makes it an ideal choice for industrial, medical, Automotive and intensive multimedia applications.
Leila’s small dimentions (55x71mm) makes it suitable for space constraint applications.

The large number of peripherals (Can Bus, serial ports, Gigabit eth, Sata, PCIe ecc) makes it very flexible and siutable for many applications.

Operating systems available are Linux Yocto and Android (lolly pop).

For more informations see the Product Page:

LEILA is the new solution proposed by MAS Elettronica.